Bringing back Yesterday...Today.

"For nearly 10 years, we have attended and covered a multitude of amazing events both local and overseas.
These events have been across a wide range of topics but the key element has always been historical preservation. From planes, trains to automobiles, we have photographed some amazing examples of real authentic pieces over 100 years old, to some outstanding new-world working replicas built over the past decade.
From World War I planes, to Penny Farthing cycles to full scale World War II German flying bombs, we have captured some amazing images. "

Our recent comissioned work

The following sample images showcase a small selection of our work. All these images contain actual full working originals and/or replicas. We have carefully composed our own photographs of these amazing machines and digitally wrapped them up in to a truly unique visual story. Every one of our canvas prints come with a historical reference card so you can further your knowledge on these magnificient machines.
Enjoy yesterday, today.

Hawker Hurricane

[WW2CAN_0144] - Hawker Hurricane protecting the skies.

Wolf Hunting

[WW2CAN_0160] - Buchon ME109's Hunting a Bristol Blenhiem.

Heading to the Front

[WW2CAN_0161] - 3 German Bi-Planes.

3 of the Very Best

[WW2CAN_0134] - 3 original Spitfires still flying strong across the skies of New Zealand.

Panzer Tank

[WW2CAN_0102] - Panzer Tank with flying V1 bomb on route.

Pacific Defender

[WW2CAN_0108] - WW2 Corsair, which served with the RNZAF.

Do you like what you see?

We have a large range of digital compositions available for purchase. Whether you are an individual looking for a nice limited piece of wall art or perhaps an avid historian or military gamer looking for a unique photo to place in your gaming room, we can help you.


We are a clever bunch of digital photographers who love to see the smile on our clients faces. With years of experience across traditional print and digital we reckon we have what it takes to deliver that perfect result. Our main base is in sunny Auckland, New Zealand with support in Australia and the United Kingdom.


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